2013 Honey Show

New Bigger and Better Honey Show this Year

Information will be included in your Program book and also posted in the Registration Area when you arrive, along with the exact location of the drop-off area and of the Show itself.

If you use a Gamber Classic jar when entering the liquid honey categories and win 1st place you’ll receive a $100 Gamber Container gift certificate, if you win 2nd place you’ll receive a $50 Gamber Container gift certificate. This is a change from past years when Gamber offered a Savings Bond in each of these categories.


Bring your entries to the ‘Common Grounds’ room on the main (1st floor) of the Sykes Student Union Center at West Chester University.


Drop Off Show Entries:
Tuesday August 6th 1:30-4:30 p.m.
Wednesday August 7th 10:30 a.m.–noon and 1:30-3:00 p.m.

Awards will be announced On Thursday

Post Show Pick Up Entries
Friday After 3:15 p.m.

Show Rules, click hereYou can print them out.


1. Extracted Honey (6 Classes – White, Light, Lt Amber, Amber, Dark, Creamed)
2. Black Jar (Honey) – Single Class - Any color honey, opaque jar, best taste
3. Comb Honey (5 Classes – Section Box, Cut Comb, Circular Section, Chunk, Frame of Honey)
4. Beeswax (4 Classes - Single piece, Dipped candles, Molded candles, Novelty candles)
5. Mead & Honey Beer (4 & 2 Classes – Dry, Sweet, Sparkling or Fruit Mead & Lt./Med or Braggot Honey Beer)
6. Arts & Crafts (4 Classes – Gift arrangement, Sewing or needlepoint, Novelty beeswax, Misc.)
7. Photography (4 Classes – Close-up, Scenic, Portrait, Essay)

8. Gadget Show (2 Classes – Large & Small Devices)
9. Honey Cookery (7 Classes – Cookies, Bars/Brownies, Cake, Yeast Bread, Yeast Rolls, Muffins, Candy)


Please thank and support our generous award sponsors by patronizing their businesses whenever you can!

  • Extracted Honey – Dutch Gold Honey (Lancaster, PA)
  • Black Jar (Honey) – Montgomery County Beekeepers Association (PA)
  • Comb Honey – Walter T. Kelley Company (Clarkson, KY)
  • Beeswax – Bee Culture Magazine (Medina, OH)
  • Mead & Honey Beer – Allagash Brewing Company, Inc. (Portland, ME)
  • Arts & Crafts – Maine State Beekeepers Association
  • Photography – American Bee Journal (Hamilton, IL)
  • Gadget Show – Brushy Mountain Bee Farm (Moravian Falls, NC & New Columbia, PA)
  • Honey Cookery – TBD
  • Sweepstakes – Pennsylvania State Beekeepers Association
  • Best of Show - Hackenberg Apiaries (Lewisburg, PA)


Need help? Click here for articles on preparing for the show.


Not Just Another Honey Show For EAS 2013

by Brian Marcy

Mike Palmer returns from the success of EAS Vermont to assist me, Doylestown, PA beekeeper, Brian Marcy, in the planning of another round of extraordinary show competitions for EAS 2013 at West Chester University in West Chester, PA. It’s a Honey Show. It’s a Beeswax Show. It’s a Mead Show. It’s an Arts & Crafts, Gadgets, Cookery and Photography Show. Be creative. Be precise. Be careful and check your creations twice - then thrice! First-timer? Why not.Every-timer? Welcome back! Read the rules and watch the web; there’ll be more to learn about the EAS competitions ahead.

Having grown up in Minnesota, I visit the ‘Great Get Together’, Minnesota’s State Fair, every summer with family.Each year I marvel at the oceans of state fair goers who, like me, pack themselves shoulder-to-shoulder into exhibit halls to see the annual flush of award ribbons for the year’s yield of crops, cakes, quilts, cows, and the myriad other crafted and living projects on display, including honey. I often catch myself wishing I was the judge of any one of the food competitions and wondering how entrants find the time and talent to create their wonderful entries.Living in Pennsylvania, I am most fortunate to repeat those experiences every January at the Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest indoor agricultural event in the United States. Like a summer fair, the PA Farm Show exhibits the entries of the sweetest commodity of all – honey, along with all other honey bee products & creations. As a relatively new beekeeper, and even newer EAS attendee, I was excited to learn of Mike’s passion for the EAS Honey Show in Vermont and to see elements of a show that could rival some of the best shows in the country.

Let’s make a great honey show even better! For your part, prepare an entry – or several! Visit the EAS website often to find the show rules, to check details and updates about the EAS show competitions and to seek guidance on how to prepare your entries. Be sure that you read the show rules – ALL the rules! The show rules are the same as last year, but this year, deductions will not be made for glassware imperfections, in applicable categories, that are beyond the control of the entrant.

Judges will of course have category expertise for the entries that they evaluate, but this year we’re planning to provide entrants with more space to display their entries and more room for visitors to view and enjoy them. In addition to ribbon awards to acknowledge excellent entries, best in class entrants will win a beautiful engraved silver plate for their respective categories. The Best of Show entrant will be awarded a magnificent engraved silver bowl. For the epitome of bragging rights, be the EAS Sweepstakes winner, an award given to the entrant with the most wins, any wins, in all categories. Maybe you?!

bring your entries to the ‘Common Grounds’ room on the main (1st floor) of the Sykes Student Union
Center at West Chester University
honey show.jpg

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