2014 Short Course Schedule

Short Course Schedule

Monday July 28, 2014

  Beginners ClassroomAdvanced ClassroomAdvanced LABQueen Course--Jennifer BerryApiary Honey Show
Registration In the Hallway8:00-8:30REGISTRATION IN THE New Science Building (NSB)      
Welcome8:30 - 8:50 amWelcome to Eastern Apiculture Society, EKU      
BREAKOUT SESSION #19:00 - 9:50AMBee Biology for new beekeepers Jeff HarrisAdvanced honey bee Biology Wyatt MagnumBee Anatomy, Marty MatisoffOverview: Life History of Queens and Drones, JB Smoker BasicsHoney Show, Palmer
BREAKOUT SESSION #210:00 - 10:50AMSeasonal hive management Ernesto GuzmanHoney bee pheromones Maryann FrazierMite Anatomy--Diana SammataroWhy Rear Your Own Queens and How to Start, JB Managing Top Bar Hives, Christy HemenwayHoney Show, Palmer
BREAKOUT SESSION #311:00 - 11:50AMCommon honey bee diseases Tom WebsterPesticides management -Doug McRorybasic microscopy for beginners Don CoatsTiming is Everything: Rearing Superior Queens Months in Advance, JB Making nucs and increase Wyatt MagnumHoney Show, Palmer
Room 12312:00 - 1:30 PMLUNCH      
BREAKOUT SESSION #41:30PM - 2:30 PMHoney bee nutrition Diana SammataroManaging bees for honey production, Ed HolcombePollen identification Don CoatsSetting up Starters and Finisher Colonies, JB Organic Beekeeping, Sean ClarkHoney Show, Palmer
BREAKOUT SESSION #53:00PM - 4:00PMCommon honey bee pests and parasites Ernesto GuzmanHoney bee queen Biology Jeff HarrisNosema-Tom WebsterHive Evaluations for selecting Breeders and Record Keeping, JB Forklift Demos--Stephanie TarwaterHoney Show, Palmer
Evening Social Activity7:00 - 9:00PMLatest Developmenst in RNA interference Technology, Dr. S.R. Palli (University of Kentucky Entomologist)      
Master Beekeepers Exam Review7-9:00 p.m.Crabbe Library--TentativeCrabbe Library--TentativeCrabbe Library--TentativeCrabbe Library--TentativeCrabbe Library--TentativeCrabbe Library--TentativeCrabbe Library--Tentative


Tuesday July 29, 2014

 ZumBEEBeginnersAdvanced BeekeepersLabQueens--J. BerryApiaryZumBEEZumBEE
Registration In the HallwayStarts 8:30AMREGISTRATION IN THE HALLWAY      
BREAKOUT SESSION #19:00 - 9:45AMHoney bee queen Biology Jeff HarrisSmall Hive Beetle Sean BurgessBee Anatomy, Marty MatisoffWhat you will need: Equipment and Instructions for Starting with Queens   
BREAKOUT SESSION #210:00 - 10:45AMBeekeeping in town and urban areas Tom WebsterVarroa Mite controls--Ernesto GuzmanHoney bee anatomy and necropsy: Advanced Don CoatsLearn how to Graft: Hands on Grafting Session What do your hives tell you: Basic Hive Inspection, Maryann Frazier 
BREAKOUT SESSION #311:00 - 11:45AMTop bar hive beekeeping Wyatt MagnumFrom hobby to commercial beekeeping Doug McRoryMite Anatomy--Diana SammataroLearn how to Graft: Hands on Grafting SessionSmoker Basics  
Room 12312:00 - 1:30 PMLUNCH      
BREAKOUT SESSION #41:30PM - 2:30 PMCommon queen problems Jeff Harris Nosema-Tom WebsterResistance Queens: Harris Setting Up Mating/Nuc Colonies & Marking QueensHope Johnson: Quilting Session
BREAKOUT SESSION #53:00PM - 4:00 PMOverwintering--Ernesto GuzmanMarketing honey Doug McRoryTrachael Mites--Ed HolcombeDrones Non-Grafting techniques