Art of Beekeeping

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The Art of Beekeeping

Allen Dick's Home Page (Canada)
Description: Beekeepers, Honey Bees, Beehives, & Honey.

Apiservices- Virtual Beekeeping Gallery
Description: Articles- Theses- Reports

Bee Friendly Landscaping
Description: how the average homeowner can help promote bee populations in their gardening/landscaping design.

Bee Hive Journal
Description: A depository of over 150 beehive designs, beehive plans, information and links about beekeeping.

Bee Information on the World Wide Web
Description: Beekeeping information with additional sites.

Bees and Beekeeping
Description: Beekeeping Articles and Information from "The Honey Shop"

Description: Learn about Honey Bees and Beekeeping, site by Al Needham

Description: Online community for beekeepers and beekeeping

Beverly BeesDescrition: Backyard beekeeping for the love of bees and honey.

Best of Beekeeping
Description: Articles on Beekeeping for adults and Children.  Also urban beekeeping

SUstainable Agriculture

Crown Bees
Description: Mason Bee and Native Pollinator Resource.
Description: Information for people with small farms or rural property. Topics include beekeeping, livestock, orchard and forage crops, and pest control.

Honey Bee Australis
Description: Australian Beekeeping Information Web Site

Honey Bee Insemination Services

Honey Pots
Description: Honey pot collector from The Netherlands

Kremps - All about Pollinators
Description: Articles about Bees and beekeeping

Lithopolis Honey Festival
Celebrate National Honey Month at Ohio's only honey festival!

Midnite Bee
Description: The latest buzz on the issues facing beekeepers in Maine and all over the country.

Beekeeping in New Zealand

The Pollination Home Page
Description: Your portal to pollination information and images

Rivendale Apiculture (South Africa)
Description: Free beekeeping resources including the honey bee forage zone plotter.


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