2016 Special Events

2016 Special Events

2016 Special Events

There are number of optional activities that are going on in addition to the talks at the conference and short course.  You must sign up for these events when you register.  Some have limited attendance and may not be available after July 15th.

 Monday & Tuesday On Campus dinner

On Monday and Tuesday evening, if want to eat at the University dinning hall, you can reserve a dinner meal for $15/person. Reservation required.  Your other choice is to try a local restaurant.

Tuesday Eve. Dine around Atlantic City - Bus trip

$10/person Limited to first 45 people.  This overlaps with Tuesday's campus meal.  Do not choose both. Pricing covers the cost of transportation only. Board the bus for a short ride to Atlantic City NJ. Stroll the boardwalk and have dinner at your choice of restaurants. New Jersey Beekeepers will lead small groups, to a variety of restaurants with different price points and types of food and drink.   There will be sign up posters in the lobby displaying menus, take your pick. The bus will get you back on Campus safely by 9:00pm.


Tuesday Dine around Atlantic City

Using your own transportation, sign up in the lobby for dinner with a group led by a New Jersey Beekeeper to go to Historic Smithville where there are a variety of shops and restaurants. http://www.historicsmithvillenj.com/dining

Tuesday Next Gen Beekeepers

nextGen7:00 PM to 10:00 PM location is to be dermined. The Best Bees Company's Noah Wilson Rich, and "Bee Girl" Sarah Red-Laird welcome you the the EAS Eastern Apiculture Association's 2016 Conference! We will be hosting a "Next Gen" breakout session for fellow young beekeepers!  This is an off site activity and requires a Next Gen signup.

Wednesday Bus Trip to Zoo & Cookout

$25/person Limited to first 150 people, the bus leaves at 4:30 and returns 8:30. Do not choose this if you are going to the Wednesday BBQ. The bus will leave at 4:30 for the 30 minute drive to the Cape May Zoo. Included in the price of the evening is a meal at the zoo, under a pavilion, where the zookeepers themselves will be serving salads and grilling BBQ chicken, beef and veggie burgers, and hot dogs. Then, when the zoo closes, the zookeepers will lead us on a private, after-hours tour.
One of the highlights of the zoo is the observation hive. Bring lots of questions about how observation hives are maintained at public places.(or kept for your own enjoyment)!
We will return to campus by 8:30. (This is a nonalcoholic event.)

Wednesday BBQ at Lake Fred on Campus

$25/person. This event starts around 6:30pm. Come see how New Jersey throws down.   We will have an open cash bar,and a variety of salads, grilled burgers, and BBQ chicken. As the sun sets over Lake Fred listen to live Bluegrass music and the sounds of the pines. Rumor is there could be some drone spitting competitions.  Show off your waggle dance moves, tell your tallest bee story and walk back to your dorm room with a smile and some new friends when the night is over. 
Register early space is limited. Do not choose this if you are doing the zoo trip, because they overlap.

Thursday Kids & Bees

Sarah Bee Girl's fabulous school For youngsters 9AM - 3PM  See Description.

Thursday Bus Trip to Harvey’s Honey (limited to first 150 people  $20/person)

Hear how Dottie Harvey’s “ hobby that went out of control” turned into a profitable family business.  Farmers along the east coast depend on Harvey’s bees to pollinate their crops. With over 5000 hives, this year seven tractor-trailers full of Harvey’s Bees went to California to help pollinate the almonds. Harvey's Honey sells varietal honeys; beeswax and they also manufacture quality wooden- ware,

We will board the bus at 9:30 am with our boxed lunches for the ride to Harvey’s Honey. You must select a Thursday Box lunch on your registration. We will see the new extracting room and the bottling room. We will watch how the woodenware is manufactured, and then go out to see the bees. Observe how they quickly inspect their hives. The open feeding station is a sight you will not want to miss. We can also visit the store and purchase small items to take back on the bus with us. We will have our picnic lunch at the farm. We will return to Stockton by 3:30 so that we can hear Grant Stiles speak.

If you are interested in purchasing larger items like woodenware, pails of honey or glassware (Harvey’s is a Gamber Glassware Distributor) please check out the website http://harveyshoney.com

You must place your order by 7/21/2016. Call ahead to place an order and to hear the latest pricing, 856-358-1010. Or, Fax your order to 856-358-1166. You can also place your order by Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.They will be bringing a truck with EAS orders over to the college, for pick-up.

Thursday Night Social and Auction

$30/person.  One of the highlights of an EAS conference is the Thursday night auction and this one will be no exception.  It’s a social evening, with a good dinner.  It’s a fun time with the serious purpose of raising  money for bee research.

Friday Night Annual Banquet

$50/person  This is our Annual Banquet and awards dinner.



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