Master Beekeepers

Master Beekeepers

The EAS Master Beekeepers Program has existed for many years as a level of beekeeping expertise certified through the rigorous testing established and maintained through the Eastern Apiculture Society. The Master Beekeepers work together to support the educational arm of EAS.


Registration will be limited at the 2021 conference. To facilitate giving preferential registration to Master Beekeeper Certification candidates the deadline for application to take the test at the 2021 EAS Conference is April 15th. All applications and letters of nomination must be received by the Exam Committee by the April 15th deadline.


PURPOSE AND GOALS: There has been a growing interest in beekeeping in North America, particularly in the past decade among hobbyists. Because of the continuing growth in this interest, there is a need for competent bee masters to provide education and assistance to beginning beekeepers and serve in other capacities in the community as experts in beekeeping. The Master Beekeeper program has been developed to certify qualified beekeepers to serve this need. Initially, this program was developed by Dr. Roger A. Morse at Cornell University. The program has now been expanded by the Eastern Apicultural Society of North America to other areas.

Master Beekeepers 2016
Master Beekeepers 2016


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