Master Beekeepers

The EAS Master Beekeeper Program, founded by Dr. Roger Morse at Cornell University in 1978, was turned over to EAS to administer in 1981. It is the oldest and most highly respected program of its kind in the U.S.  Certification as an EAS Master Beekeeper indicates a high level of beekeeping expertise and the ability to educate others in the art of beekeeping. EAS certification differs from many other programs in that, rather than a program of coursework with increasing levels of expertise, it consists of intensive, highly rigorous testing of a candidate‚Äôs knowledge.

There has been a growing interest in beekeeping in North America, particularly in the past decade among hobbyists. Because of the continuing growth of this interest, there is a need for competent beekeepers to provide education and assistance to beginning beekeepers and serve in other capacities in the community as experts in beekeeping. The Master Beekeeper program was developed to certify qualified beekeepers to fill this need.

Certification Program

The purpose of the Master Beekeeper certification program is to identify and certify people who have an in-depth knowledge of honey bee biology, expertise in the proper practices of beekeeping, and who can present this information to the beekeeping and non-beekeeping public in a detailed, accurate, clear and authoritative manner.

Master Beekeeper Resources

Preparing to take the Master Beekeeper Exam? Here is a list of major references that may be used by the Master Beekeeper Academic Advisor in preparing the written exam. 

List of EAS Master Beekeepers

Looking for a specific EAS Master Beekeeper? Browse our EAS Master Beekeepers list, viewable in searchable formatted lists.

The Mann Lake Master Beekeeper Scholarship Program

This scholarship, sponsored by Mann Lake Ltd. and created and administered by the EAS Master Beekeepers, was established to encourage a worthy young individual to pursue an interest in honey bees and beekeeping.